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Public health monitoring

Monitoring and evaluation of social inequalities in public health.


Effects of alcohol consumption to health of Lithuanian population (2017) (download)
Health outcomes assessment model (2016) (download)
Health of Lithuanian population in the context of the European Union (2016) (download)
Changes and inequalities of health status in Lithuanian Elderly Population (2016) (download)
Circulatory Disease Atlas 2009-2013 Lithuania (download)
Publication “Lithuanian Children’s Public Health Changes and Inequalities” (download)
Announcement “Lithuania. Public Health Inequalities in Europe” (download)

Public Health Inequalities:

“Arterial Hypertension” No. 1 (download)
“Women’s Health Inequalities” No. 2 (download
“Choose the Path to a Healthy Heart” No. 3 (download)
“World Diabetes Day” No. 4 (download
“Lithuanian Children’s Health in 2013” No. 5 (download)
“Drownings” No. 6 (download)
“Avoidable Mortality: What Does It Say About Health Care System?” No. 7 (download)
“Avoidable Hospitalisations: Can We Save National Budget?” No. 8 (download)
“Diabetes” No. 9 (download)
“Older People’s Health in 2014” No. 10 (download)
“Prevention of smoking and alcohol consumption: what scenario will we program?” No. 11 (2015) (download)
“Allergies in Lithuania: prevalence and trends” No. 12 (2015) (download)
“Disability-free life expectancy in Lithuania, 2012-2014” No. 13 (2015) (download)
“World Health Day – control your diabetes!” No. 14 (2016) (download)
“Implementation of Lithuanian health strategy 2014-2025: do we succeed in achieving goals?” No. 15 (2016) (download)
“Health of Lithuanian youth” No. 16 (2016) (download)
“Effects of heat to health of Lithuanian population” No. 17 (2016) (download)
“Prevalence of allergies attributable to climate changes in Lithuania in 2015“” No. 18 (2016) (download)
“Avoidable hospitalizations” No. 19 (2016) (download)
“Injuries and their causes among children population in Lithuania” No. 20 (2017) (download)
“Health care utilization. How do we look like in the European Union?” No. 21 (2017) (download)
“Inequalities of healthy life years in Lithuania” No. 22 (2017) (download)
“Does sufficient part of Lithuanians participate in prevention programs?” No. 23 (2017) (download)
“Primary ambulatory health care: geographic accessibility in Lithuania” No. 24 (2017) (download)
“Implementation of Lithuanian health strategy 2014-2025: how are goals being achieved?” No. 25 (2017) (download)
“Effects of heat to health of Lithuanian population in 2016” No. 26 (2017) (download)
“Prevalence of allergies attributable to climate changes in Lithuania in 2016“ No. 27 (2017) (download)


Geographic accessibility of primary ambulatory health care in Lithuania in 2016 (2016-2017) (download)
Inequalities of healthy life years in Lithuania and their relation to health status, 2012-2014 (2015-2016) (download)
Alternative prediction of avoidable mortality in Lithuania with regard to risk factors (2015) (download)
Influence of age, period, and cohort factors on the dynamics of type 2 diabetes incidence among adults in Lithuania, 2002-2013 (2014) (download)
Patterns of avoidable hospitalisations and its differences in Lithuania in 2012 (2013-2014) (download)
Avoidable mortality trends among Lithuanian urban and rural residents in 1967-2011 (2012-2013) (download)


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