Research projects


1. The accessibility of occupational health services in Lithuanian enterprises
Project implementation period: 2019 (Download

2. Returning to work after cancer: subjective experience of employees
Project implementation period: 2018–2019 (Download)
3. Adaptation study of computer workstation checklist for Lithuanian enterprises
Study implementation period: 2018–2019 (Download)

4. Impact of flexible work arrangements on psychological capital and work satisfaction
Project implementation period: 2017–2018 (Download)
5. Preparing a healthy lifestyle knowledge questionnaire considering the needs of Lithuanian public health bureaus
Project implementation period: 2017–2018 (Download)
6. The applicability study of Assessment of Repetitive Task (ART) used in Great Britain as tool for musculoskeletal disorders management at Lithuanian companies. Study implementation period: 2016–2017 (Download)
7. The study psychosocial work factors predicting professinal burnout syndrome in nursing.
Project implementation period: 2016–2017 (Download)

8. The applicability study of management standards for work related stress used in Great Britain as a tool for stress management at Lithuanian companies.
Project implementation period: 2015–2016 (Download)

9. The assessment of counselling interventions reducing employees’ cardiovascular risk factors.
Project implementation period: 2015–2016 (Download)

10. Musicians’ ergonomic working environment factors and their links to musculoskeletal system disorders.
Project implementation period: 2014–2015 (Download)

11. Employees’ well-being in reconciling work and private life after the return from parental leave.
Project implementation period: 2014–2015 (Download)

12. Safety and health culture, and occupational health services in manufacturing production companies.
Project implementation period: 2014 (Download)

13. The assessment of psychosocial occupational (as well as occupational violence) factors of vilnius city nurses working at psychiatric hospitals, general profile hospital psychiatric departments, and psychological health centres.
Project implementation period: 2013–2014 (Download)

14. The assessment of periodic employee health examination and occupational disease determination.
Project implementation period: 2011–2012 (Download)

15. Enterprise occupational safety and health service preventive efficiency assessment.
Project implementation period: 2011–2012 (Download)

16. The behaviour damaging nurses’ health in the changing psychosocial environment of a hospital being restructured.
Project implementation period: 2011–2012 (Download)