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Children's health monitoring information system

The project “Children's health monitoring information system for the systematic monitoring of the health of children and purposeful Health Policy Development and Implementation” - NOR-LT11-SAM-01-TP-01-001


The Child Health Monitoring Information System is under Development in Lithuania (2015-11-09)
The creators of children's health monitoring IS have gained experience in Norway (2014-11-06)

The content of the new children's health certificate form No. 27-1/a was discussed with personal health care specialists (2014-10-16)
A discussion was held on the development of a national information system for monitoring the health of children (2014-09-17)

The essence of the project

According to Health Information Centre, Institute of Hygiene, 459 359 out of 543 756 children in Lithuania under the age of 17 were experiencing some health issues in the year 2013. During the same year, a total of 1,350,426 new cases of various diseases among children were recorded, which means one adolescent had 3 episodes of health issues on average.
It is well known that appropriate preventive measures result in less financial and social burden of disease. In order to properly identify incidence variation in time and space and assess effectiveness of applied preventive measures, a single state-wide children's health monitoring system is needed.  The latter approach would allow the exchange of essential information about child health among many sectors, including primary health care professionals and public health professionals working in educational institutions.
Currently, most data about the health status of children is available from statistical form 027-1/a (“A child health certificate”), which is filled in during annual child health screening. This data use is restricted to a municipal circle of specialists, therefore no nationwide data analysis or comparison between the regions was possible to this date.

Project implementation time: 2014 - 2016 m.

Total project value: 1.770.540 EUR 

Aim of the project

Develop and implement child health monitoring information system in Lithuanian for systematic monitoring of children’s health and purposeful health policy making.

Objectives of the project

1. Analyze the ongoing monitoring of children’s health in Lithuania and assess the need for additional data.
2. Develop and implement a single nationwide children's health monitoring system.

Results of the project

The project will result in children's health information system that will monitor the country's school-aged population and it’s changes in health. Based on the objective and detailed information, reasonable decisions in health policy can be made.

Project activities

1. Methodological analysis of the models
2. Development and implementation of VSS IS.


Analysis of Lithuanian legal acts related to public health monitoring, children's health care, data collection and protection (download)
Analysis of local good practice in the field of child health monitoring (download)
Analysis of foreign good practice in the field of child health monitoring (download)
Overview of scientific publications related to child health monitoring and health indicators (download)
Preparation of the concept of model biostatistical analysis opportunities (download)
Methodological manual for the child health monitoring information system (download)
The model of Child health monitoring information system (download)

Contacts: Šarūnas Alasauskas, (+3705) 2612084, [email protected]