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Causes of Death Register

The State Register of Death Cases and Their Causes (hereinafter referred to as registry) was established on 1 January 2010.

The aim of the registry is to register the deaths and their causes of persons who died within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who died abroad, and to collect, accumulate, process, systematize, store and provide data and documents of the registry to natural persons and legal entities, and carry out other registry management operations.



Data contents:

-          Year of death (2010–2021);
-          Age of the deceased;
-          Gender;
-          Place of residence (municipality);
-          Type of residence;
-          Underlying cause of death or external cause of death (ICD-10-AM).

Important! It is necessary to indicate the source of the data when using the data from the Institute of Hygiene.

Updated: 4nd of August, 2022.

Causes of death statistics (metadata) (2022) (download)
Deaths per month by cause (metadata) (2022)


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Contacts: Death Causes Monitoring Division of Health Information Centre, e-mail [email protected].