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Occupational diseases registry

The occupational diseases registry (hereinafter referred to as registry) was established in 1994.

Statistical information analysis of the data of the occupational diseases registry is important when planning measures for the prevention of occupational diseases, for occupational health services of companies, when preparing specialists and when informing medical staff, employees and employers about occupational diseases and their causes. Information about occupational diseases is also intended for satisfying the needs of health care institutions, employers, trade-unions and the society. The rates of morbidity with occupational diseases is considered to be important information when monitoring and evaluating occupational health and safety at work.
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2019 (download)
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2018 (download)
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2017 (download)
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2016 (download)
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2015 (download)
"Occupational Disease in Lithuania“ 2014 (download)
“Officially Confirmed Occupational Disease Cases in Lithuania in 2013” (download)
“Morbidity with Occupational Diseases in 2012” (download)
“Morbidity with Occupational Diseases in 2011” (download)  

Statistical reports:
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2020 (download)
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2019 (download)
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2018 (download)
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2017 (download)
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2016 (download)
Occupational Disease in Lithuania in 2015 (download)

Contacts: Health Information Centre Registers Department, e-mail sarunas.alasauskas@hi.lt.