International Projects

e-Bug Project (download)

Health Education at Workplace: reality and needs, NORDPLUS (2013-2014) (download)

Reducing health inequalities: preparation for action plans and structural funds projects, ACTION-FOR-HEALTH  (2012-2014) (more)

Joint Action on Monitoring Injuries in Europe, JAMIE (2011-2014) (download)

Empowering public health system and civil society to fight tuberculosis epidemic among vulnerable groups, TUBIDU (2011-2014) (more)

Pilot Validation Study on the ECDC Point Prevalence Survey of health-care-associated infections and antimicrobial use in European acute care hospitals, PVS EuroPPS (2011) (download)

Leonardo da Vinci project CONFLICTMAN - Management of conflicts in the workplace (2010-2012) (more)

Improvement of public health by promotion of equitable distributed high quality primary health care systems, ImPrim (2010-2012) (download)

Infection Control Training Needs Assessment in the European Union (2010-2011) (download)

ECHIM - European Community Health indicators and Monitoring (2009-2012) (download)

Projects, implemented before 2010

Healthcare Associated Infections in European Long Term Care Facilities, HALT (2009-2010)

Investigation of Causes of Chronic Disease and Monitoring Changes in Health Status in Central and Eastern Europe (2008)

Improving Patient Safety in Europe, IPSE (2005-2008)

Increase of Health Promotion Efficacy in Rural Schools (2005)
BALTICCARE - The Baltic Network for Infection Control, Containment of Antibiotic Resistance, and Healthcare Epidemiology (2004-2008)
Promotion of infection control through continuing medical education (CME) of primary health and other medical doctors (2004-2005)
The influence of wellbeing and life events upon adolescents’ health disorders and unhealthy behaviours (2004-2005)
Design and realization of an efficient health preventive educational curriculum for Roman community teenagers on communicable diseases in Ventspils (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania) (2004-2005)
Nosocomial infection control in Lithuania (2003-2008)
Education program on prudent use of antimicrobials in Lithuania (2003-2006)
Self-Medication with Antibiotics and Resistance Levels in Europe, SAR (2003-2004)
Antibiotic consumption monitoring in Europe (2002-2010)
The Blue Flag Programme (2001-2008)
Health Promoting School (2001-2002)
Hospital in Europe Link for infection Control through Surveillance, HELICS (1999-2004)

Implementation of National Environmental Health Action Plans in Czechia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuanian and Slovakia (1998-2001)

International Projects in Occupational Health

Occupational health and safety training programmes and materials (2005-2006)
Improving Trade Union Health and Safety Capacities in the Construction, Forestry and Wood Working in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (2005-2006)
Employement, working conditions and SME: what kind of corporate social responsibilities (2003-2004)
Occupational health and safety profiles of European countries (2001-2002)
Health assessment of the medical staff handling disinfection chemicals, evaluation of chemical hazards at work and use of personal protective means in the operating theatres of hospitals in Lithuania (2000-2001)
Strengthening enforcement of occupational safety and health policy (1999-2002)
Comparative analysis of occupational health system and practices as part of preventive health care systems in seven European countries (1998-2002)