International Projects

e-Bug Project (download)

Reducing health inequalities: preparation for action plans and structural funds projects, ACTION-FOR-HEALTH  (more)

Joint Action on Monitoring Injuries in Europe, JAMIE (download)

Empowering public health system and civil society to fight tuberculosis epidemic among vulnerable groups, TUBIDU (2011-2014) (more)

Health Education at Workplace: reality and needs, NORDPLUS (2013 – 2014) (download)

Leonardo da Vinci project CONFLICTMAN – Management of conflicts in the workplace (2010-2012) (more)

ECHIM - European Community Health indicators and Monitoring (2009-2012) (download)

Improvement of public health by promotion of equitable distributed high quality primary health care systems, ImPrim (2010 - 2012) (download)

Infection Control Training Needs Assessment in the European Union (2010-2011) (download)

Pilot Validation Study on the ECDC Point Prevalence Survey of health-care-associated infections and antimicrobial use in European acute care hospitals, PVS EuroPPS (2011) (download)

Projects, implemented before 2010

Healthcare Associated Infections in European Long Term Care Facilities, HALT (2009 -2010)

Investigation of Causes of Chronic Disease and Monitoring Changes in Health Status in Central and Eastern Europe (2008)

Improving Patient Safety in Europe, IPSE (2005-2008)

Increase of Health Promotion Efficacy in Rural Schools (2005)
BALTICCARE - The Baltic Network for Infection Control, Containment of Antibiotic Resistance, and Healthcare Epidemiology (2004-2008)
Promotion of infection control through continuing medical education (CME) of primary health and other medical doctors (2004-2005)
The influence of wellbeing and life events upon adolescents’ health disorders and unhealthy behaviours (2004-2005)
Design and realization of an efficient health preventive educational curriculum for Roman community teenagers on communicable diseases in Ventspils (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania) (2004-2005)
Nosocomial infection control in Lithuania (2003-2008)
Education program on prudent use of antimicrobials in Lithuania (2003-2006)
Self-Medication with Antibiotics and Resistance Levels in Europe, SAR (2003-2004)
Antibiotic consumption monitoring in Europe (2002-2010)
The Blue Flag Programme (2001-2008)
Health Promoting School (2001-2002)
Hospital in Europe Link for infection Control through Surveillance, HELICS (1999-2004)

Implementation of National Environmental Health Action Plans in Czechia, Estonia, Poland, Lithuanian and Slovakia (1998-2001)

International Projects in Occupational Health

Occupational health and safety training programmes and materials (2005–2006)
Improving Trade Union Health and Safety Capacities in the Construction, Forestry and Wood Working in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (2005–2006)
Employement, working conditions and SME: what kind of corporate social responsibilities (2003–2004)
Occupational health and safety profiles of European countries (2001–2002)
Health assessment of the medical staff handling disinfection chemicals, evaluation of chemical hazards at work and use of personal protective means in the operating theatres of hospitals in Lithuania (2000–2001)
Strengthening enforcement of occupational safety and health policy (1999–2002)
Comparative analysis of occupational health system and practices as part of preventive health care systems in seven European countries (1998–2002)