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Journal "Public Health"

The journal “Public Health” was established by the Institute of Hygiene, Lithuania in 1996. It is a unique scientific journal in the country, specialized purely in the public health. It is intended for researchers, public health managers and administrators, experts working in the field of epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational health, health promotion, environmental health as well as other readers interested in health status of population and factors effecting. The journal is published quarterly. Electronic version of each issue is placed on this website.
Each issue includes pier-reviewed section with original papers, including topic related reviews, and non- pierreviewed sections: editorial and information for public health practice, presenting important health policy news, good practice examples, guidelines and recommendations.

Since 1996  the journal is on the official list of scientific journals recognized by the Academy of Science of Lithuania and it is in Index Copernicus database since 2005 (http://journals.indexcopernicus.com).