Children's Health Monitoring Information System

Children's Health Monitoring Information System (CHM IS) was established on April 2017 after implementation the project "Children's health monitoring information system for the systematic monitoring of the health of children and purposeful Health Policy Development and Implementation” - NOR-LT11-SAM-01-TP-01-001, financed by Norwegian financial mechanism 2009–2014 programme No LT11 „Public Health Initiatives“.

On December 2020 was developed the subsystem of CHM IS after implementation the project “Children's health monitoring information system development in pre-school education institutions”- 08.4.2-ESFA-V-622-01-0010, financed by European Union Structural Funds.  

CHM IS monitors the country's pre-school and school-aged population and it’s changes in health. Based on the objective and detailed information, reasonable decisions in health policy can be made. The one of the data source is electronical statistical form E027-1 „Student health certificate“, which is filled in during annual child health screening. Public health specialists use the statistical form to ensure the exchange of information about children's health in CHM IS.

The unified information system enables to monitor systematically the health of children, assess the number and nature of their health problems, identify risk groups nationwide or comparison between the regions.


Children health 2019 (download)

Children health 2018 (download)

Children health 2017 (download)

Children health 2016 (download)


“Review of student body mass index assessment and teeth condition (2019–2020 school year)“ (download)

“Legal aspects of processing student's personal data in the Children's health monitoring information system“ (download)

“Review of 7–17 year-old students who participated in educational activities without restrictions (2018–2019 school year)“ (download)

“Health review of 7–17 year-old students (2018 year)“ (download)

“Review of children vision (2018 year)“ (download)

“Children body mass index assessment (2018 year)“ (download)

“Children teeth health (2017 year)“ (download)

“Children physical capacity (2016 year)“ (download)








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